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Our History

Rosev Dairy has a history that began over 2 decades ago with a single ice cream truck. We are the largest independent refrigerated distributor of dairy and food products in the greater Boston area, and we are also one of the leading ice cream mix distributors in the area, for soft serve ice cream machines.

We specialize in delivering all types of food products to small businesses, especially small family owned establishments and gourmet ice cream shops. Although the company is also a leading refrigerated distributor for all food and service venues – healthcare, educational, restaurants and catering services – its niche is the supply of fresh dairy products to local small retail outlets all over the Boston area.

How does a company that began with one ice cream vending truck develop into a leading refrigerated distribution company?

Through a personal relationship with officials at the H.P. Hood Co., Chelsea, Mass., one of the region’s largest dairy and juice manufacturers and distributors, Joseph Rosselli began a soft-serve ice cream vending business. He began servicing the naval shipyards in Boston. He worked the docks from 5 p.m. until the last bell at 10 p.m. for a number of years.

“I worked on the truck year-round,” Joe said. “I served pizza and hot chocolate in the winter months and ice cream and snacks in the warmer weather.”

Over time, Joe’s brother Robert (Bob) Rosselli, joined him in his ice cream venture. Through the late 1960s and early 1970s, the business grew to include three soft-serve ice cream vending trucks that serviced the greater Boston area.

In 1972, Joe and Bob decided to open a small convenience store, The United National, known on the streets as The Red Store, located in Charlestown.

In the mid-1970s, Bob and Joe purchased another store in the Charlestown neighborhood.

In 1979, Hood was looking for a place to open an operation where they could serve street vendors on the weekends. Based on Joe’s relationship with Hood from the vending business, a mutual agreement was reached. Hood used the cooler capacity of the brothers’ stores on the weekends during the summer as its “back-room” operation. Joe and Bob sold Hood’s products to soft-serve street vendors for about three years.

In 1982, Joe and Bob were approached by a local ice cream company that had five franchises in the greater Boston area. The owner inquired as to whether the brothers could supply all of his stores with ice cream mix. At that point, Joe and Bob purchased a three-quarter-ton truck and installed a ThermoKing refrigeration unit. This marked the “official” beginning of Rosev Dairy Foods.

“Hood also asked us if we could help their small business accounts,” Bob said.

So in Oct. 1982, Joe, and Bob officially incorporated Rosev Dairy Foods and became partners.

The two principals appointed Joe as the company president, and Bob as vice president of sales.

During these years, it was Bob’s job, along with the new salespeople, to sell products and Rosev’s services to small sub shops, ice cream shops and family owned stores in the greater Boston area. Bob brought his hands-on ice cream making expertise out into the field to consult with customers regarding ways to perfect their businesses and their products.

The Present

Rosev’s value for customer service, & quality products remain unparalleled.

Even today, Bob will go out into the field and meet with the customers to discuss ways to improve business.

Since its incorporation, Rosev Dairy Foods has grown from a back-room soft-service ice cream mix distributor, into the leading independent refrigerated distributor it is today. Since the company has always distributed Hood products, quality has always been easy to guarantee.

Rosev Dairy Foods is not strictly a distributor of dairy products. Rosev offers all types of food service products from ice cream mixes to paper products, milk, juice, water, scones, and pies from top-quality companies. Rosev is proud to distribute top name brands such as Veryfine, Stonyfield, Colombo, Hood, Dannon, Cabot, Axelrod and Rosev.

Rosev Dairy Foods’ brand-name products guarantee the same quality customers would expect from national brands. Rosev bottled water is bottled by Village Spring, W. Willington, Conn.

Freshness and quality are of top concern for Rosev Dairy Foods. In the refrigerated distribution industry, freshness and quality are essential due to the high perishability of the products. Rosev Dairy Foods stakes its name on delivering premium quality products to its customers.

The Future

What does the future hold for Rosev Dairy Foods? According to Bob, Rosev will continue to be a small-business niche player in the dairy business. As the food service arena continues to grow and more manufacturers begin to produce more expiry dated, highly-perishable products, Rosev will be called upon by these companies to expand its business.

Bob also mentioned that as Hood continues to change and grow, the Hood distribution team may grow into a prominent force in the New England area. Due to the vital relationship that Rosev has with Hood, this may aid in company growth throughout the region.

Although milk and dairy products are approximately 50 percent of Rosev Dairy Foods’ business, the company offers many by-products and continues to offer more products every day.

“But if the demand is there, we will do whatever is needed in order to continue servicing our customers,” Joe said. “For now, we will continue to give our best effort to satisfy our present customer base.